The Life and Adventures of a Camp Dog

Let’s start with our favorite dog, her name was Cedar. A full blood Australian Shepherd. Red Merle with one blue eye. Given to us from friends that raised Aussies and they picked her out just for us. She lived up to her blood line, easy to train, loved every guest but knew how to not be a bother. She had a job and was good at it. She stayed home. She knew what she could chase and what she couldn’t. She loved kids, her herding instinct drove  her crazy if there were a lot of them around! We loved her so much. She had a good life and grew old here.

Dogs Cedar and Kodie

Cedar and Kodie

At some point we inherited an Aussie mix (black tricolor) from our daughter. Kodie was a good girl but really didn’t have the patience she needed for our guests. She was trained by Cedar and learned easily. We loved her and she loved us but, just tolerated our customers!! She too lived a nice long life here.

And then we start over… and it is hard after you have had the best first. Apache was just crazy. If I remember right he was from the same blood line as Cedar. Another Red Merle with blue eyes. But the first problem was that he was a HE! We knew better but he was just so cute…Lord knows we tried, he was just hard to train. He jumped on and knocked over the children and our old folks, he ran off and chased everything (including our cats and chickens). He got out of every gate and leash. Did I say stubborn? So the first guests that joked about taking him home got to take him home! No really they had 2 kids that played all weekend with him and played just as rough as he did. He now lives on fenced acreage in Tennessee. We occasionally get pictures, he and his kids look very happy!

Red and White dog



Then came Freckles…

She was supposed to be full Aussie but we feel like she has some border collie too. Red and white with a full tail and one floppy ear. She too has been hard to train and wants ALL the attention. We have found out that she just doesn’t share well! She is so much better by herself. For the most part she stays on our property (but I hear there has been a visit to our neighbor, ugh). She is a lover that can’t control her licker. She will stay with guests and shows them around. Walks the trail, sits by the fire and occasionally takes a shoe (sorry). She will always greet you first. She loves children and never meets a stranger. Freckles by far is the most photographed and commented on from our guests (usually good comments!). So finally after 4 years we feel she is settled, she is our official Lone Cedar Cabins camp dog and your resident tour guide.

Our fur babies never live as long as we want…so here’s to a long life, sweet Freckles!


4 thoughts on “The Life and Adventures of a Camp Dog

  1. My boys LOVED Cedar and Kodie, but especially Cedar. We were just talking about their favorite vacations and your place wins – hands down! At 18 and 15 now, I think that speaks volumes for the memories we made there together and with the best Hosts ever!I was just looking online to book a weekend when I saw this post.
    Happy Thanksgiving Dawn and Gabe
    The Tice’s

  2. I’m so sorry I am just seeing your comment! I was just talking with Gabe about your sweet family. I bet we wouldn’t recognize your blonde headed boys…such sweet memories. We had found something I think they hid out here, made us laugh and we just put it back. Maybe they will bring their own children out here (Lord willing!). Hope you all are doing well.
    Gabe and Dawn

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